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Ecosystem Strengthening

The Gateway offers multi-stakeholder exposure to participatory community practices, bringing together diverse Zimbabweans in processes that are transformative and culture building.

Fellowship Program

An 18-month fellowship for place-based fellows for on-going training in social technologies and support to lead in their communities.

Community Initiatives

These are led by fellows and local community actors, designed from a community engagement process, where we support prototyping of innovative community initiatives.


Gateway’s design principles arose from deep learnings harvested from the first year of collaborating and exploring what was possible in Zimbabwe. They continue to provide guidance in what we do and how we do it.

Primacy to Local - we give primacy to local knowledge, experience, tradition and community

We tend to the health of relationships

We live the culture we are inviting others into

We honour and engage people in their wholeness and diversity

We speak truth grounded in our purpose

When we encounter dissonance, we pause and think things through together


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Gateway Zimbabwe is a co-creation of Kufunda, ORAP and Trust Africa with a purpose to catalyze agency, enhance social cohesion, build healthy communities and contribute to reweaving the social fabric of Zimbabwe