“We need leaders that recognize the harm being done to people and the planet through dominant practices that control, ignore, abuse, oppress the human spirit. We need leaders who put service over self, stand steadfast in crises and failures, and who display unshakable faith that people can be generous, creative, and kind.”

“It feels as though NOW more than ever what is needed are leaders who are firm in their conviction and commitment to the work that needs to be done and are uncompromising in the face of possible danger, being firm in a way that is loving, that nurtures and builds and not adding to the fragmentation and polarization.”

Are you...

  • Tired of the polarisation in every sphere? From politics to vaccinations?
  • Struggling with exhaustion, burn-out, despair, grief?
  • Looking for ways to overcome the growing mistrust that is in communities and organisations?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the real needs of our communities and country in the midst of continuous economic hardships and social decay?
  • Feeling alone and disconnected in your work in service of communities?
  • Wondering how to stay in your centre amidst all the challenges?
  • Tired of top down marginalising politics?
  • Ready to be part of creating safe spaces for community members to become active citizens in order to build healthy communities?
  • Longing for a way of working together that fosters respect, trust and connection?
  • Wishing to explore practices that create inner stability, mental balance and equilibrium?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then NOW Leadership might be for you.

At Gateway Zimbabwe, we are hearing a yearning for Connection, Participation, Collaboration, and ultimately, Co-creation. These are key to rebuilding our communities, our economy, and our country. And yet they are difficult to actually practise. We still live in a mostly patriarchal, top down society, where the voice and agency of the people is not embraced, where we are afraid to step up, and where we often feel shunned and silenced. Many Zimbabweans are doing incredible work on their own. We are not used to having conversations that we trust will be heard, and so we just get on with it on our own, quietly wishing we could realise our individual and collective potential.                                                         

We are inviting you to a NOW Leadership immersion. A five-month learning journey into life-affirming leadership for our times, with like-minded Zimbabweans longing and working for positive change in our country. This is a training and a journey in which together we will develop the qualities and skillful means necessary to practice leadership for Life.

We have learned that the outer work of life-affirming leadership requires us to do the inner work of self-knowing. We work from our own inner development through to the outer manifestations in and with community. Only then can we develop the clarity, confidence, compassion, and equanimity to serve the needs of this time as leaders, activists, parents and citizens. A life-affirming leader strives to embody the best human qualities of compassion, generosity, and clear seeing.

A NOW Leader is…

Will you join us?

March to July 2022

Gateway Zimbabwe, together with Margaret Wheatley, invites you to join us in NOW Leadership – a five-month Zimbabwean hosted programme. The programme will run out of ORAP in Bulawayo and Kufunda Learning Village in Harare.


We will meet every other month in person for 2.5 days. 2 – 3 hours will be live teachings and interactions via zoom with Margaret Wheatley and other international faculty.

Every other month, we will meet for half a day online.


  • 24/27 March (arrival evening of the 24th, departure morning of the 27th)
  • 3/4 June
  • 29/30 July


  • 25/26 March (arrival evening of the 24th, departure morning of the 27th)
  • 7/8 June
  • 29/30 July
Partial scholarships are available.

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NOW Leadership