How much are Zimbabwean communities doing on their own to address challenges around food security and sustainable energy resources, while developing community business enterprises, creating employment and empowering youth, women and the wider community? 

On the 16th of June 2021, Gateway Zimbabwe launched six online fundraising campaigns for community initiatives by the Gateway Fellows, during the Fellow’s video proposals’ screening of the Gateway  at the Planet to Plate online event hosted by the University of Sheffield’s Institute for Sustainable Food.

The community initiatives include poultry projects by the Arcturus, Lupane and Chikukwa communities; a goat-breeding programme by the Chiadzwa community; the Jengeta-Huni Wood-saving stove project at Kufunda Village; and a community-owned shop by the Magada community of Epworth.

Each of the fundraising campaigns on the GivenGain crowd-funding platform includes a video proposal created by the Fellows themselves, in which they show us their project vision and outline the various challenges being addressed by their community food projects. 

This is an invitation to a unique opportunity to partner with the Gateway Zimbabwe Fellows, by funding these grassroots initiatives. It is a call to all Zimbabweans, both at home and in the diaspora; to philanthropists, Pan-Africanists and to the world to become part of the journey through these home-grown, community-led projects by this remarkable group of community leaders.

Check out the links to the GivenGain campaigns here and support the projects TODAY!



Kufunda low cost wood saving stove to protect the environment from deforestation.

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